ESSIF: The European self-sovereign identity framework

Illustration of EBSI/ESSIF Framework. Graphic by the European Commission

The EBSI guiding principles are as followed:

The goals of ESSIF:

  • provide seamless cross-border services for citizens
  • Help make institutions more efficient
  • Facilitate economic activity flow across borders

The scope of ESSIF:

Within the scope: How to:

  • facilitate cross-border interaction with SSI?
  • make/keep national SSI projects interoperable?
  • integrate/align existing building blocks such as eIDAS, e-delivery, once-only with SSI?
  • conceptualize and build an identity layer within the EBSI?
  • preserve European/democratic values in the implementation of SSI?
  • stimulate the SSI-transformation of public services
  • stimulate SSI development and standardization on a global level.

Out of scope:

The legal environment around ESSIF:

The eIDAS regulation and its importance for SSI

What is expected from the market?

  • Compliant self-custody wallets with support for multiple governance frameworks like Sovrin, LISSI, ESSIF, Jolocom, etc.
  • Sector-specific ledgers like the velocity network / Market identity hubs
  • New qualified trusted services providers (e.g. timestamp providers)
  • Network of trusted issuers

Pilots in 2020:

Join the initiative:




Educational content about self-sovereign identity with focus on Europe. Content by Adrian Doerk

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SSI Ambassador

SSI Ambassador

Educational content about self-sovereign identity with focus on Europe. Content by Adrian Doerk

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